• "Stress Release" - A Kundalini Workshop
    with Megan Campbell

    Join Megan for a Kundalini class focused on the Lower Triangle to support healing of issues related to the lower Spine, Kidneys, Adrenal glands and long-term Stress. Energetically we will target the first three chakras which are related to survival, creativity and will power. Our meditation focus will help create glandular control and adjust the body chemistry to recover from Stress.  Let's work to get out of overdrive and assist our body and mind to relax and restore its optimum energy levels.  


  • "More Restorative Vibes" - A Workshop with Sound and Vibration
    with Robin Thompson

    Robin has paired up with Terra Brockett of Awaken Vibrational Sound Therapy to bring you a delicious merger of Restorative Yoga, and the live sound of Himalayan Singing Bowls. The low frequency vibration penetrates the body on a cellular level, and can offer a sense of calm, deep relaxation, and balance. 

    The sounds of each bowl are attuned to different energy centres, or chakras in the body, to support rest and connection to the emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies. Let the sound wash over you whilst in cozy restorative poses.

    Terra is the owner of Awaken, and offers sound therapy and mediation classes with her expertise, and team of beautiful Himalayan Singing bowls. www.AwakenSoundTherapy.com

    ** In addition to your yoga mat, it is suggested to bring a blanket, a pillow or two, eye covering, and any other supports to make your practise really comfortable. 

  • Spring Ayurvedic Workshop

    Join Krista Watters of Bhavana Yoga Lifestyle and Wellness Boutique on a self led Ayurvedic journey towards deep inner clarity and balanced health. Receive all the tools you need to prepare and conduct a seasonally aligned Ayurvedic cleanse at home. Krista will offer a 2 hour workshop on Saturday April 10th 1:30-3:30, and you’ll receive 1 hour talk on how to cleanse with a seasonally-focused mono diet of Kitchari, body care tools and meditation practices, and a 1 hour Detox Flow yoga practice. The Beautiful thing about cleansing is making it work for you...learn how to build a holistic Ayurvedic lifestyle that leaves you feeling nourished, purified, and strong moving into the Kapha season of Spring.

  • Chakra and Fascial Release - Where Energy Meets Physiology
    with Nikki And Tori

    The Sanskrit word chakra refers to a number of energetic centres that exist in the body, with each center corresponding to a different level of power and consciousness and having unique properties. The chakra system is ancient, and its roots run deeply throughout yoga’s oral and written traditions. In this 2 hour workshop, join Nikki and Tori as they work to marry eastern and western philosophies to give you a greater understanding of how movement and release can impart a deep sense of both physical and energetic awareness and well-being. This workshop is a combination of slow and deliberate movement, Myofascial release, and lecture. Props will be provided, but if you’d like to bring your own, 2 tennis balls and block are requested.

  • Connecting Meditation and Asana - A Workshop with Robin
    with Robin Thompson

    In this class style workshop, we will look at some of the different types of meditation, their purposes and benefits, and how we can apply this, in action, to build up to the moving meditation of Asana through looped Sun Salutations (for a total of 9), preparing us to end the practice in a seated meditation. 

    No experience is necessary, and modifications are available for the Sun Salutations.